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Saving money for a deposit - Money Advice Service

Saving money for a deposit - Money Advice Service

We all know how difficult it is these days to save for a deposit for a mortgage and if you want to secure a low interest rate you’ll often need a big deposit.

It may not be easy to reach your goal of owning your own home but with these great ideas from the Money Advice Service you can weigh up your options, work out how much you can save each month, get started, watch your savings grow and then you’ll soon be on the road to home ownership.

Read the Money Advice Service article here.

So I’ve saved my deposit – what's next?

Once you’ve got your deposit saved and you’re ready to get a mortgage, you’ll need some financial advice.  We’d suggest you speak to an independent financial advice company, as they can shop around the whole of the mortgage market to find the right deal for you.  You can find a list of companies that can help you here.

So best of luck, happy saving and hopefully it won’t be too long before your dream of being a homeowner becomes a reality!