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Aaron and Leanne prove that small changes to your lifestyle can help you save to buy your dream home

Aaron and Leanne prove that small changes to your lifestyle can help you save to buy your dream home

Aaron Fogg (27) and Leanne Bolingbroke (26) bought their first home in Nottingham through the Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme at the Barratt Homes development ‘Woodhouse Park’.

The young couple knew from the outset that they wanted to purchase a three bed detached home on the development. They thought the plot they were interested in had already been reserved but were delighted to find it was still available when visiting the sales office!

Aaron and Leanne Both Aaron and Leanne, who are in their mid-20s have been together for three years and were living in rented accommodation before moving back in with their parents and eventually buying their dream home.

“We started saving for our home in August/September 2016 and reserved the property in March 2017. When we picked up the keys we were so excited!”

The couple saved hard for the property and made small cut backs to help them save;

“Instead of buying lunch when we were at work we started making them and taking them in. We noticed immediately that we were making savings each month.”

In terms of the application process, Leanne had a head start as she is a mortgage advisor for a local Nottingham company.

However, they thought the process was going to be a lot harder than just simply getting a mortgage and that there would be lots of hoops to jump through. It turns out it wasn’t nearly as complicated as they first thought and their home-buying journey ended up being seamless! By watching videos on the Help to Buy Midlands website the couple gained a better understanding of the schemes:

“Help to Buy Midlands had some really useful videos on their website which helped us with understanding how the scheme worked.”

Aaron explained that since thAaron and Leanne 3e couple had bought their first home, he feels as if it has bought them closer and given them the freedom to grow as a couple.

“Since moving into our new home we have decorated a fair few of the rooms as we wanted to put our own stamp on it. I’ve become a self-proclaimed DIY King! The moment I knew I had grown up was when I got excited about buying a hoover!”.

Aaron described their new home as “a surreal experience and complete magic that he can’t put into words” and that he “can’t wait to have all of our friends and family round and to make the most of the summer in our new home!”.


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